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Double Your Revenue.
Every Year.

Grow your B2B business with scalable marketing solutions

Marketing leadership when you need it most, without a full-time hire

Exponential growth isn’t "nice to have.” It’s a requirement for you and your investors. Your team is trying every idea to get results, but progress is too slow.


We know how you feel, because we lived it. We spent years grinding the go-to-market gears to drive success at early-mid stage B2B SaaS start-ups. We learned the pain of getting to new results through trial and error. It's a frustrating process that can take years, and you don't have that kind of runway. 


The good news is, there's a faster path to scaling. And it doesn't require a full-time marketing executive that will break your budget.

Scaled for Your Business

Go2Marketing Consulting provides fractional CMO and project-based services to overcome the roadblocks B2B SaaS companies face most: finding product-market fit, getting to exponential growth, and fixing go-to-market breakdowns. We have proven approaches that, when combined with your in-house knowledge and resources, creates the marketing engine you need to unlock new outcomes.



Get Results Where You Need Them

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Find Product-Market Fit

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Build for Exponential Growth

B2B Fixing breakdowns in marketing engine

Fix Your Marketing Engine


Great collaboration is like a perfect sandwich

Everything works well together, and the results are satisfying too. Given that we only work with 3-4 companies at any given time, partnership is particularly important to us.


No doubt, how we work together dictates success as much as the steps we take. This is the mindset we bring to every engagement... 

  • Know our goal and intent before acting 

  • Solve for real customer pain and we’ll find success

  • Collaboration drives alignment and better outcomes

  • Focusing outperforms “spread thin” every time

  • Plan to learn and adapt rather than crafting perfection



"Dan led a cross-functional effort to introduce a new brand and product to the market. His experience, leadership skills, and steady hand led to a smooth launch with limited resources at his disposal. He guided the team on every aspect of the release, including messaging, demand gen strategy, and public relations. Dan is a leader who can jump into any situation and adeptly manage a team to market success."

Jeff Lortz
CEO, Fastr




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