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Find Product-Market Fit

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Build for Exponential Growth

B2B Fixing breakdowns in marketing engine

Fix Your Marketing Engine

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Find Product-Market Fit with Pilots

Most B2B SaaS go-to-market advisors suggest you sign any business you can get when you’re sub $2MM ARR (Annual Reoccurring Revenue) to accelerate learning. We take the opposite approach. Here's why...

When you spread your customer base across different profiles and use cases, you don’t have the critical mass needed in those segments to learn much of anything. You just have 10-50 customers with little in common who are pulling your organization in different directions.

In addition, you don't know how much you invested in these segments from an outreach standpoint, so you don’t understand how your funnel functions. What’s your customer acquisition cost? Your opportunity to close ratio?

This "sign any customer you can get" approach forces you to guess who your ideal customer is. It creates a mess that will take months, or sometimes years (depending on the sales cycle) to unwind.


What's the alternative?

It’s more efficient to think through the value proposition and customer segment where you believe you have the best opportunity to win and expend all your energy to drive outcomes in that segment with structured pilots.

You’ll learn 10x faster this way, making adjustments to your product and pitch as you go. You’ll also see when it’s not working and make the reasoned choice to pivot out with full context on why you made that decision.

Ready to build a stronger value proposition
Go2Marketing Consulting partners with you to build your value proposition that has the best opportunity to succeed based on targeted customer pain. We then structure pilots that outreach to the market via sales and marketing to see how customers respond – learning and adapting based on what we hear.

Exponential Growth
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Build for Exponential Growth Year After Year 

When we begin working with a B2B start-up, there are concerns about hitting growth targets and the company’s existing marketing plan usually consists of “doing what the CEO says.”


We see this a lot with SaaS companies in the $1-10MM ARR (Annual Reoccurring Revenue) range, but also with lower margin mid-market B2B companies, like manufacturing and service providers. Whenever the CEO has a new idea to generate business, the small marketing team stops what they’re doing and starts chasing the shiny new object the CEO points out. 


This cycle continues over and over. CEO suggests, marketing team reacts, previous ball gets dropped. When this happens, the business doesn't grow and no progress is made because tactics aren’t completed and continuously improved. (Not to mention, team stress goes up and enthusiasm goes way down.)


It’s time to break the cycle

To get your company on a growth path and overcome this “tactical focus cycle," we start by aligning your entire organization (CEO included) on goals, performance models, and strategies. Here you’ll get clarity on:

  • How much revenue you're expecting and where it will come from 

  • Who your customer is, the pain they have, and how they buy

  • What your marketing strategy is 

  • Your product story from start-to-finish

  • Where your organization will be a thought leader


Having this in place lays the groundwork for development of a Tactical Marketing Plan where we know our goals, who we’re targeting and what our message is. This is critical as there are 100s of places where you could spend your cash and energy from a marketing standpoint.

With your Tactical Marketing Plan complete, we can define the resources you’ll need in-house and from external vendors. No more guessing if you need to hire someone internally, or onboard an agency. We get all that sorted out from the start.


The result is a scalable marketing machine that enables your company to consistently double, or even triple your revenue, every year. Ready to begin?

B2B Fixing breakdowns in marketing engine

Fix Your Marketing Engine 

Sometimes your B2B marketing efforts seem to be going great, but one thing isn’t working the way you want. Or maybe you have a new marketing approach you'd like to try, or a new product to launch and don’t have the resources in-house to do it. We’re ready to lace up our boots (or sneakers) to get the job done right.


Go2Marketing Consulting can jump in on a project basis to take care of your most complex B2B challenges. Examples include:

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Sales & Marketing Model/Goal Alignment

  • Ideal Customer Profile Creation

  • Messaging Strategy (Product Story) & Product Positioning

  • Content Strategy (Thought Leadership Strategy)

  • Marketing Automation, Lead Scoring & Contact Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy & Tactical Plan Creation

  • Process Design & Root Cause Analysis

  • Organization Strategy & Design

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research



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